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The Opotiki Arts Hall is becoming very popular for meetings, music and other activities to do with the arts. And the grand old building is looking very smart. Inside we have suspended wall lighting and heating, ideal for meetings and exhibitions. You need to be in early for bookings as you will see by the listings on our calendar below.

PLEASE NOTE:  Dates for registration and delivery of works for events will be given here. Generally, it will be a few days before opening day.
A list of basic registration requirements is given on the members page

   Harakeke weaving, The Hall every fourth Wednesday of every month, 9am - 2pm. Contact Bev Vellenoweth 07-3252788.
   Yoga.  Every Sunday from August 22nd until October 3rd 10am until 11-30am. Contact Sharon Oxley 0212771608.

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2021 see Gallery

2020 see below

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"Let's Make Music" September,2020

Great to see our newly acquired Grand being used and enjoyed by all.
It looks like this event is here to stay. See above schedule for the next date!

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Birds of India, 25 September, 2020. Beautiful photography.
Covered 5 national parks they visited.

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"Walking the Talk" 05/09/20

"The 'Walking the talk to a sustainable and socially just future' event on Saturday at the Ōpōtiki Heritage Arts hall was a success according to the feedback received to date," says Caroline Willis who organised the event for the community.
The speakers were all from the East Coast electorate and representatives of the political, educational, activist and business sectors.
Government support for the organic food production industry and protection of the organic label was discussed, and the problem of industries that are polluting the environment was raised.
In summary, Caroline Willis said, "The diversity of the speakers was received just like the artworks in an art exhibition with surprise, interest and contemplation"

"Let's Make Music" 16/08/20
Our most recent happening at the Hall in King St. Just a glimpse at the fun time had by all. Next time - see event calendar - we will have more recorded with sound. This is a regular event at the hall, so take a note of dates and time on the calendar.

"Art Explored" July, 2020
20 July - Thank you all for the wonderful comments. It just keeps getting better.

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'Art Explored' See below, works by guest artist, Sue MacDougall..

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Please contact us with enquiries about possible events at the Opotiki Arts Hall.

more highlights

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Kinsa Hays
Book Launch
6 March, 2020
Another success

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"small works"
7 December to 14 December, 2019
Affordable gems

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"Art in the Garden" Kutarere, 2019, on the beautiful farm land of Dean and Sharon Petersen, was a great success. It gets better every year. So same venue, same time next year - Labour weekend toward the end of October.
A big thanks to Sharon and Dean and to all the volunteer help.

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"Art in the Garden"
Thank you to all the entertainers and visitors and their wonderful feed back.